BOLT Continue to provides TRULY UNLIMITED Internet Services and Special Ramadan Package for its Customers

Jakarta, June 7th 2018 – BOLT 4G Ultra LTE, pioneer operator in Indonesia never fail to give rich internet experience to its customers through its “Unlimited Internet Access” that put no cap on quotas and no time limit as what the other players are doing. Hence win us the credibility as the TRULY UNLIMITED Internet Service Provider in Indonesia. Leveraging on break fasting ceremony with journalists, today, the company is also announcing that the BOLT network has been completely upgraded with additional 42% capacity, including with BOLT Ramadan package – special advantages available only during Ramadan, as a token of appreciations to its loyal customers that has reached 3.9 Million subscribers as of May 2018.

During Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, internet consumptions spikes during pre-dawn meal and peaked at 10.00 PM. YouTube composition reduced from 44.6% in regular month vs. 42.5% in fasting month, we believe it shifts to other contents primarily social media. On Instagram, the highest activity happens not during breakfasting, but during pre-dawn meal, somehow consumers tend to open Instagram more when they are with their family. Hence, BOLT Ramadan Package provides both Postpaid & Prepaid customers special advantages during this glorious period;

  1.  For BOLT Home (Postpaid) customers, BOLT offered new lineup packages with 10% discount (minimum three months subscriptions) starting from Rp 204.000/month (8 Mbps) up to Rp 409.000/month (50 Mbps). Even better, now customer does not have to go BOLT Zone to get BOLT Home Pack, but simply purchase this package through on-line BOLT Website to enjoy the unlimited home internet (
  2.  While for Smartphones and Mobile Wi-Fi (Prepaid) Ultra Combo customers will get UNLIMITED INTERNET QUOTA Bonus specifically during periods “Pre-dawn meal” at 01:00 AM – 08:00 AM and “Breaking fast” at 04:00 PM – 07:00 PM. For more details, please click
  3.  In addition, BOLT also offered new line up for Smartphones and MiFi (Postpaid). Customer can enjoy Truly Unlimited for Smartphone only Rp 90.000, and Truly Unlimited package for multiple devices such as Mobile Wi-Fi (MiFi) and tablet starting from Rp 272.000 /month (15 Mbps) up to Rp 363.000/month (30 Mbps). BOLT also presents new line up Regular Postpaid package for Rp145.000 (38GB) and Rp 245.000 (80GB).

“These various Ramadan Packages aimed to accommodate customers’ diverse needs, and to provide best service in this glorious month of Ramadan; Allowing BOLT customers to productively do their activities during this fasting month and Eid al-Fitr holiday. With a sincere heart, we remind ourselves to always continuously commit in providing the best for our customers,” said Angkasa Perdana Putra, Chief Product Officer (CPO) BOLT.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) BOLT, Liryawati on the occasion with the media also added, “The four wonderful year of BOLT’s journey in providing 4G+ services in Indonesia has bring Indonesians access to an enjoyable, unlimited internet service without quota and time limits. We are proud to claim as the only 4G LTE provider in Indonesia who credibly earned reputation as TRULY UNLIMITED Internet Operator in Indonesia.”


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